Pascall Prize - Judges

Pascall Prize Judging Panels

2014 Judging Panel

Jane Caro, Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy, Geordie Williamson, Adrian Read (Convenor)

2014 Judges' Report by  Jane Caro, Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy & Geordie Williamson

Past Judging Panels

2013 Judging Panel

James Bradley, Rosemary Sorensen, Adrian Read (Convenor)

2013 Judges' Report by James Bradley & Rosemary Sorensen

2012 Pascall Prize

Alison Croggon, Geordie Williamson, Adrian Read (Convenor)

2012 Judges' Report

2011 Pascall Prize

John McCallum, Mark Mordue, Damon Young, Adrian Read (Convenor)

2011 Judges' Report

2010 Pascall Prize

Kathy Cleland, Alison Croggon, Damon Young, Adrian Read (Convenor)

2010 Judges' Report

2009 Pascall Prize

Kate Eltham, Robert Forster, Leo Schofield , Rosemary Sorensen, Adrian Read (Convenor)

2009 Judges' Report

2007 Pascall Prize

Bruce Elder (Convenor), Ray Hughes, John McCallum, Julie Rigg, Julianne Schulz

2007 Judges' Report

2006 Pascall Prize

Peter Craven, Malcolm Gillies, Kate Gould, Deborah Jones, Antonia Syme, Lyndon Terracini

2006 Judges' Report

2005 Pascall Prize

Elizabeth Farrelly, Marion Halligan, Adrian Martin, Robert Nelson, Susan Wyndham

2005 Judges' Report

2004 Pascall Prize

Mary Jo Capps, Andrew Ford, Noel Purdon, Andrew Riemer, Julie Rigg

2004 Judges' Report

2003 Pascall Prize

Bruce Elder, Andrew Ford, Sandra Hall, David Throsby

2003 Judges' Report

2002 Pascall Prize

Gay Bilson, Sandra Forbes, Sandra Hall, John McCallum, Adrian Martin, Andrew Riemer

2002 Judges' Report

2001 Pascall Prize

Gay Bilson, Bruce Elder, Andrew Ford, Sandra Hall, Robert Nelson, Adrian Read (Convenor)

2001 Judges' Report

2000 Pascall Prize

Gay Bilson, Marion Halligan, Adrian Martin, Andrew Riemer, Alan Saunders

2000 Judges' Report

1999 Pascall Prize

Bruce Elder, Andrew Ford, Marion Halligan, Jill Kitson, Adrian Martin, Adrian Read (Convenor)

1999 Judges' Report

1998 Pascall Prize

Bruce Elder, Sandra Hall, John McCallum, Joanna Mendelssohn, David Throsby, Adrian Read (Convenor)

1998 Judges' Report

1997 Pascall Prize

Roger Covell, Bruce Elder, Sandra Hall, Marion Halligan, John McCallum, Cyrus Meher-Homji, Joanna Mendelssohn, Alan Saunders, Gay Bilson (Convenor)

1997 Judges' Report

1996 Pascall Prize

Roger Covell, Sandra Hall, John McCallum, Joanna Mendelssohn, Marion Halligan, Alan Saunders, Margaret Throsby AM (Convenor)

1996 Judges' Report

1995 Pascall Prize

Katherine Brisbane AM, Martin Portus, Jane Westbrook, Adrian Read (Convenor)

1995 Judges' Report

1994 Pascall Prize

Margaret Fink, Richard Glover, Sandra Levy, John O'Hara, Kim WIlliams (Convenor)

1994 Judges' Report

1993 Pascall Prize

Warren Fahey, Diana Simmonds, Ken Tribe AC, Evan Williams, Kim Williams

1993 Judges' Report

1992 Pascall Prize

Gay Bilson, Marion Halligan, Barbara Santich

1992 Judges' Report

1991 Pascall Prize

Andrew Andersons, Leon Paroissen, Daniel Thomas

1991 Judges' Report

1990 Pascall Prize

Andrew Riemer (Convenor), Rosemary Sorensen, Ian Templeman

1990 Judges' Report

1988 Pascall Prize

Edmund Campion (Chairman), Susie McKernan, Elizabeth Riddell

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“I imagine the judges as bouncers...lifting the red velvet rope and letting me through the door of some other-worldly club.”

Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy
2013 Pascall Prize





"’s always been my contention that great criticism is about love more than hate, construction more than destruction.

In many ways what a good critic does is nearer to the task of a translator who has found a way of channelling one form of language into another.

And in some cases even improving on the original source, sacrilegious as that might sound."

Mark Mordue
2010 Pascall Prize

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James Ley
2014 Pascall
Prize recipient 




2014 Pascall Prize: James Ley Acceptance Speech

2014 Pascall Prize: James Ley Acceptance Speech

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